Unique Eridoran Spelljammer


Powered by aberrant technology and infused with psionics, the Voidstar is a spelljammer capable of travelling vast distances quickly and can even move in-between planes. Theoretically this ship can even safely traverse the void, although it has not been proven and is likely dangerous at best. The Voidstar is 60ft long and 30ft long at its widest. The two prongs in front act as conduits when opening gates to and from the astral plane and there are two energy ray cannons mounted on top of the the ship. Beyond the normal amenities for a spelljammer, the Voidstar comes equipped with a portal generator, inertial armor projector, energy ray cannons.

Strong psychoportation; ML 20th; Craft Universal Item, psionic fly, inertial armor, energy ray, psionic plane shift; Weight 200,000 lb.



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