The Plane of Eridor

The plane of Eridor is a harsh, unforgiving waste, who’s landscape is dotted with vast volcanic mountain ranges, giant crystalline structures, and foreboding cyclopean fortresses. The sky is periodically painted by incredible elemental storms from the plane’s interaction with the Elemental Veil. The rest of the time is near perpetual night for the plane, it’s violet sky dotted with strange, otherworldly cosmos. Metal is rare on Eridor, and most structures are made of volcanic stone or the strange, psychic Eridian Crystal. What metal that is mined is usually used in the creation of powerful spelljammers, psionically powered ships that can travel the vast sea of the Aether. A somewhat large plane, comparable to the Midden, Eridor contains little in terms of land. The entire landmass that is Eridor floats above a seemingly endless void, instant death for anyone who attempts to traverse it. Legends speak of another landmass floating among the Eridian stars, unseen.

Nearly every major city in Eridor is psionically advanced, but magically stunted. These psionic cities are controlled by Ziggurats, ancient entities pulled from the Void millenniums ago. They gathered the races of Eridor around them, building great cities and fortresses to house them and guard against their rivals. The Formorans are the only race to have successfully cast off the rulings of the Ziggurats and claim freedom, at least for themselves. Most regions of Eridor house at least a few of these cities, or perhaps more accurately city states. Each works to be as self sufficient as possible, in case of siege or other calamity. A network of caravans does connect most cities, trade kept alive by lucrative merchants who deal in food, water, and slaves.

Outsider races are rare in Eridor. Those from the material plane, The Midden, are not welcome at best, and captured and sold as slaves at worst. Some Ziggurats pay handsomely for such specimens, believing their destinies lie in dominating not only Eridor, but the entirety of the cosmos. And some may even be close to having the power to do so.

The power struggles between Ziggurats are generally covert in nature. They work through agents to undermine their enemies’ defenses while thwarting their plans. Most believe that their resources are better spent bettering themselves and reinforcing their territories. They themselves are incredibly powerful creatures, able to deter armies with their might. The whole of Eridor, except around the Magmortar Mountains, is caught up in a cold war with no ending in sight. The Formorans are too warlike and aggressive for such machinations. Their raiding parties constantly attack cities and other Formoran tribes, creating instability in the region.

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The Plane of Eridor

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