The Elves of Enma are nearly as varied as the humans they co-exist with. Within the continent exist 3 primary races of elves: the war-bound High Elves of Aldiera, the mysterious Star Elves of Mora, and the ever vigilant Wood Elves of Insildor.

The High Elves are the most prevalent Elf Race in Enma, if not the world. Before the empires of man began to rise (and fall), and even before the first humans found their way over the dividing World Spine, the High Elves ruled Enma, locked in a near endless struggle against the savage Orc tribes. Building cities of unparalleled beauty and magic in Aldiera, now the seat of the Ohrisian Empire, the High Elves had no equal until the Moran Empire swept across the nation from the west. Though they fought back fiercely, they were finally overwhelmed after the Morans allied with the Blood-drinker orc tribe, attacking the elves on two fronts, forcing them to abandon their cities and flee to the old Forest Homes, some as far as Denarin. Since the splintering of the Moran Empire the High Elves have begun rebuilding their tired race. They have been able to reclaim a few of the ancient cities that had not been razed by the Morans, and although they still remain locked in conflict with the orcs of Gorin Dor, theyn now look to Aldiera once again, hoping one day to retake their ancient capital, Eldariel. High Elves have the same stats as elves found in the Core Rulebook, although it is not uncommon for High Elves to have the Eternal Grudge alternate racial trait found in the Advance Player’s Guide.

The Star Elves, also called Gray Elves, that live in the forests bordering the Mithril Mountains have remained rare and elusive, even to their kin to the west. Usually pale, their hair ranges from jet black to platinum white but can be found in every shade of gray in between. Their eyes are usually a shade of blue or violet, a sign of their deep connection to arcane magic. In truth a dwindling race, the Star Elves have grown distrustful of all outsiders, due in large part to their betrayal at the hands of the Moran humans. It is said that when the first humans set foot in Mora, they came from the north, uncivilized, starving and in danger of dying out. The elves of Mora reached out to the humans, teaching them the art of arcane magic, helping them survive and make roots in the country. Unfortunately, within a few human generations, barely an elven lifetime, the humans turned on the elves. Using the magic they learned from the elves and the secrets of mithril forging they learned from the Gray Dwarves, the humans soon conquered Mora before moving onto the rest of Enma. The vast majority of Star Elves are wizards, a few taking levels in the Magus class, found in the Advanced Player’s Guide, who act as gaurds and peacekeepers within the few Gray Elf communities. Star Elves differ from High Elves in the following ways:

  • Star Elf Magic: Star Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance and a +1 bonus to their caster level when casting divination spells. In addition, elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Use Magic Device and Spellcraft skill checks made to identify the properties of magic items. This trait replaces Elf Magic and Weapon Familiarity.

Wood Elves live in the wild country of Insildor. Living among the humans in giant tree-cities, they join in worship of what they call the World Tree. Some say the worship of the World Tree is the oldest religion still practiced in the common era, although if the World Tree truly does exist, its location is a secret lost to time. In addition, there is a handful of gods that are worshiped in tandem to the World Tree, but they have not held a central role in Insildor religion in living memory. Wood Elves have tanned skin with hair that ranges from brown to green, turning white with age, and have vibrant green or hazel eyes. The elves of Insildor are famous for repelling the High Elves when they first tried to take their country by force. Centuries later, with the aid of humans that had grown to accept the Wood Elf philosophies and religion, they repelled the Moran Empire repeatedly until the empire fell and the Ohrisians took their place. To date, no outside army has successfully invaded the forests of Insildor. Many Wood Elves find their natural calling in the druid or ranger class, occasionally some realizing sorcerous potential. Other classes are rare, but not unheard of. Wood Elves differ from High Elves in the following ways:

  • Wood Elf Magic: Wood Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance. In addition, Wood Elves with Wisdom scores of 11 or higher gain the following spell like abilities: 1/day—dancing lights, goodberry, and speak with animals. The caster level for these effects is equal to the Wood Elf’s level. The DC for these spells is equal to 10 + the spell’s level + the Wood Elf’s Wisdom modifier. This trait replaces the High Elf’s Elf Magic and Weapon Familiarity racial traits.



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